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Innovation Award 2008

Innovation Award is the annual contest aiming at fostering the entrepreneurial thinking, technological development and providing a possibility for enterprises to self-assess their competitiveness and innovativeness.

The prize winners of the Contest will be awarded with the “Innovation Award“ statuettes, diplomas, and the right to use “Innovation Award“ logo for the purposes of marketing of the awarded product or the enterprise.

Winners of the Innovation Award 2008: Category of Innovative Product



Product description

Aconitum, UAB

Food supplement „Rutin forte“

The main active substance of this product is rutoside. It strengthens blood vessels, decreases the permeability of the cell wall, bleeding rate. Rutoside stabilizes vitamin C. Besides, acting with vitamin C rutoside increases its effect and has a positive effect on lipids metabolism. Zinc acts as an immunostimulator and an antioxidant. Selenium supports the effect of zinc and acts as an immunostimulator.

Axis Industries, AB

New generation automated energy metering and control system

Integral information system consists of: Heat and water metering devices - new generation ultrasonic heat and flow meters; Energy saving and regulation devices; Information system RubiSafe III for data acquisition and processing.

Igis, I. Kriščiūno firma

Waterborne anticorrosive metal paint MAGMA.GR

The company has created and introduced waterborne anticorrosive metal paint. The product is new to Lithuanian and European markets.

Nematekas, ŽŪB

Dried sausage „E Free“

The new withered sausage, the production of which was recently launched by Nematekas, does not contain any harmful additives, marked with the letter E: allergenic substances, nitrites, preservatives, colourants, flavour enhancers, acidifiers. Product was developed together with Lithuanian scientists and international experts.

Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos, UAB

ATMiQ - ATM network optimization suite

The company has created ATM network optimization suite. Solution is based on the new achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. The main advantage of the system is the ability to learn. It analyses the data and makes decisions without human intervention.

Precizika Metrology, UAB

Coded scales


The company has created and installed a new technology for production of precision coded scales. It is based on laser raster formatting method. Technology allows to produce the precision coded raster scales for measurement encoders in CNC machines, automated measuring machines and others devices.

Rūta, UAB

Sweets „Staigmena“

Whipped mass sweets, enriched with the natural materials: mixture of tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E) and lycopene, which has antioxidant characteristics. Product was created by the specialists of the company in cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology and partners from Estonia and Latvia.

Selteka, UAB

Digital terrestrial TV receiver

Device is used for receiving of digital TV broadcast transmitted by terrestrial TV channels and internet network. Digital receiver uses MPEG 2/4 SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) standards for compression of video signals. Additional functions: use of telemedicine services, control of home devices, e-shops, rating systems, internet browsing. The partner for development of this product is Kaunas University of Technology, laboratory of multisensor systems.

Award for non-business innovative product

Regioninių projektų iniciatyva, VšĮ

Smart voting system

The goal of the product is to help voters to find political party and candidate that best matches their views. The core of the system is politicians' answers to important policy questions (education, health care, tax policy, foreign policy, national security). People using smart voting system answer the same questions and get a list of political parties and candidates who best match their views. Results are presented in a simple and comprehensive way. The product was developed by political, social scientists, and IT specialists. Lithuania is among the first countries in the world to develop such product.

Winners of the Innovation Award 2008: Category of Innovative Company



Arginta, UAB

The company works in the fields of metal processing and water management. Strategic emphasis on technological and process innovations. Modern equipment is used for manufacturing. Effective production control systems are installed. Company invests in the development human resources. Modern management methods are used. 80% of production is exported.

Balticum TV, UAB


The company provides telecommunication services such as analogue and digital television broadcasting, internet, IP telephony and others. Services are renewed and new services are created. Technologies are modernized. In 2008 the company began to render wireless internet “WiMAX” services.

Elektromontuotojas, UAB

The company works in the field of construction. During the last three years the company has been improving its services and investing in employees’ competence development and implementation of effective organizational structures. In 2005-2008 turnover grew 30% every year. In 2008 the company allocated 2% of the income to the innovation activities.

Fima, UAB


The company’s area of expertise is the development of electronic engineering solutions. By integrating various technologies the company develops complex solutions adapted to individual customers’ needs and most of the solutions are unique. The company employs modern management methods.

Norta, UAB


Besides traditional activity the company is active in the field of scientific research. Scientific department has developed a unique thermal spraying technology, catalytic coating production methods and equipment allowing the production in small quantities. The company is active in the international scientific research projects. In the period of FP7, it is planned to participate in 10 various projects.  

Šviesos konversija, Mokslinė-gamybinė firma UAB

The company is a developer and world-leading producer of lasers and their accessories. Company sales of femtosecond parametric light amplifiers amounts to 80% of world market of these devices. In 2007 the turnover of the company was 15,66 mln. Lt. that corresponds to 2 times grow of the sales during the last 3 years. Around 15-20% of income is invested into the innovation activities.

Wilibox, UAB


The company is developing and selling broadband wireless communication products for various scenarios ranging from high-performance wireless backhaul solutions to muni wireless mesh products and hotspot networks. Company strength is a qualified R&D team providing original innovative products for world wide markets.

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